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GSA Schedules

How can Doyle & Bachman assist you with the GSA Schedules Program?

The General Services Administration's Federal Supply Schedules Program is one of the few federal acquisition programs that has been designed specifically for the acquisition of commercial products and services. GSA has transformed the Federal Supply Schedules into the flagship vehicle for ease and convenience of federal procurement.

Under this Program, GSA awards and administers multiple government-wide schedule contracts with firms to provide commercial products and services at stated prices for given periods of time. Federal agencies and other eligible entities place orders directly with the vendors and deliveries are made directly to the ordering agency.

The Federal Supply Schedules Program has become the procurement vehicle of choice by many federal customers and vendors alike. There are over 17,000 schedule contracts representing over 125 different commodity schedules, with products ranging from office furniture to personal computers and scientific equipment.

While many of the recent changes in the Federal Supply Schedules Program have made it easier for agencies to order from schedule contracts, there has not been a corresponding reduction in the risks faced by schedule contractors. There are still detailed disclosures required from vendors about commercial pricing and discounts prior to award. GSA's goal is still the "most favored customer" pricing and the price reduction clause is still a requirement. Post-award changes in commercial prices can still trigger required price reductions under the schedule contract. GSA also still has significant post-award audit rights to audit for compliance. Smart vendors who understand and address these risks will prosper greatly in the Federal Supply Schedules Program.

What does Doyle & Bachman offer our clients?

Doyle & Bachman LLP has extensive experience in all aspects of the Federal Supply Schedules Program. Services that Doyle & Bachman LLP offers our clients in this area include:

  • preparation of schedule proposals and negotiating award of schedule contracts, including assistance with the detailed commercial pricing disclosures
  • advice and counseling regarding administration of schedule contracts, including price reduction obligations
  • assistance with pre-award and post-award audits
  • assistance with blanket purchase agreements and teaming agreements under schedule contracts
  • assistance with leasing under schedule contracts
  • bringing and defending bid protests challenging schedule orders
  • assistance with establishing internal compliance programs
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